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Running:  March 21, 2015—March 20, 2016

This exhibit looks at how the railroad impacted people, local businesses, manufacturing companies, and provided amazing opportunities for people in our community.

It all started when the Sycamore & Cortland (S&C), a five-mile spur, line that opened in 1859. It  brought settlers, businesses, and manufacturers to Sycamore, which in-turn brought additional and larger railroad companies to town. In 1883 the Chicago & North Western came to Sycamore, and in 1887 the Chicago Great Western arrived on north side of town. Without this first railroad, the community would have dried up and disappeared, passed over by the progress of the Illinois prairie.

This is a family friendly exhibit that will include a train table, interactives with an old fashioned Sears catalog and much more.

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Posted:  March 25, 2015

“Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.” These inspirational words are from Harriet Tubman. Come and hear more on Friday, March 27 as part of the Sycamore History Museum’s Winter Fundraiser, “Harriet Tubman” performed by Pamela Welcome.

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The barbers in Sycamore have all agreed that in these times of high price living, 15 cents is the right price for a shave, and after August 1 that will be the universal price in Sycamore.
Sycamore True Republican, July 20, 1912
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