What is the new DeKalb County History Center all about?  DCHC inspires curiosity in DeKalb County’s history.

After several years of conversations, focus groups, and meetings, March 1, 2018 marks the creation of the DeKalb County History Center in Sycamore, Illinois! This new organization is a result of a partnership between the Sycamore History Museum and the Joiner History Room, plus collaboration with 20-plus local history organizations throughout DeKalb County.


Members and children under 14: Free
General admission: $5 per person
Special or reduced rates:
Available for groups of 10 or more with at least 10 days advanced registration.
Our facilities are equipped with picnic space outside where you can bring along a snack or your lunch for your visit.Additionally, there are a wide variety of affordable restaurants within a five-minute drive of the museum.

DeKalb County History Center is committed to making its buildings and programs accessible to visitors with special needs. We offer handicapped ramps, handicapped accessible restrooms and ample room around each exhibit. We are here to help! If you have a specific question, please contact us.