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Curriculum Title:
Buy, Sell or Trade
  1. Seeaneye Inn  — This store was the local hangout for teens. It included a soda fountain and pinball machine. It was owned by Tony Bleifuss. Photo: c1940
  2. Clothing store — This is an image of Lahti’s Clothing Store, 223 West State Street (currently Taxco Restaurant) from 1941-1966. The store quickly became a premier men’s clothing store in the area. Photo: no date
  3. Tin shop — The J.E. Bangs Heating and Plumbing store was located at 126 Somonauk Street. For many years they sold furnaces to one-room schools. Photo: 1917
  4. Garage — Little Garage dealership also serviced cars. Elmer Little sold the first model T in DeKalb County. 112-116 Maple Street. Photo: 1915

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Grade Level:
Third Grade
Common Core: CC.3.R.1.7 Integration of Knowledge and Ideas: Use information gained from illustrations (e.g., maps, photographs) and the words in a text to demonstrate understanding of text.

Illinois State Social Studies Goal: 16.C Understand events, trends, individuals and movements shaping the history of Illinois, the United States, and other nations. Understand the development of economic systems.

District 427: Distinguish between producers and consumers, comparing early trade to trade now.
Guided Questions:
  1. What products do these people or stores sell?
  2. How can you identify consumers in these pictures?
  3. Why would these consumers need these products?
Suggested Activity:
  1. Begin the conversation by asking if students are consumers.  Ask what are they consumers of.
  2. Provide definitions for consumers and producers.
  3. Ask students if they know what products are being sold in each of these stores.  How do students think these products were made: imported or made in America?
  4. Discuss the  concept of trade.  Could any of the people in these pictures possibly have traded products for other products?  Example:  Could the service attendant have fixed the clothing store’s cars in exchange for a new  shirt?
Suggested Assessment:

Students could write an exit clip explaining the difference between producers and consumers.