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Count Down to the House Walk
Posted:  September 27, 2017

The Sycamore History Museum’s Pumpkin Fest Historic Tour of Homes is one of the favorites of Pumpkin Fest traditions. While many hands make light work, our wonderful committee has been working hard preparing. They are starting to check off some big items on the list.

 X   Confirm houses: There are six wonderful houses and SHM that will be part of this year’s walk:       229 S. Main Street, 519 S. Main Street, 912 Somonauk Street, 423 S. California, 321 W. High Street, 706 DeKalb Avenue, and SHM at 1730 N. Main Street.

 X   Have a theme for the Walk: “Porches of Sycamore” Each home has a beautiful and unique porch that visitors will be able to enjoy, while also touring through the home.

 X   Plan volunteer training session. This is scheduled for October 21 at 10:00. Volunteers receive free tickets to the House Walk for working 2 1/2 hours.

     Recruit volunteers. This is a work in progress. We would love to add you to our list!

 X   Plan programs to promote the House Walk. Steven Bigolin is giving a sneak preview of the House Walk as part of our October Brown Bag lunch. Dr. Richard Cooler will be giving a talk about Queen Anne homes on October 18.

       Research the homes and print the brochure with detailed information on each home. This too is on-going. This brochure is a wonderful resource about the homes and Sycamore history. Every person who goes on the tour gets one!

Thank you to all the volunteers and home owners who make this happen! For more information please call the museum 815-895-5762.



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