Pride of Sycamore: A Celebration of Music
Posted:  February 4, 2013
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Every high school has talented people who are celebrated with awards, trophies, and/or scholarships, but what happens to them after graduation is not always as well-known. Sycamore High School has a long standing tradition of a strong music program. For example, in 2008 they were recognized as one of the top 100 schools for music education in Illinois. Many of these alumni continued to pursue their talents after graduation. Join Sycamore High School and the Sycamore History Museum in celebrating a wide variety of musical accomplishments on Friday, February 8 as part of the Pride of Sycamore High.
The evening will begin with light refreshments and then continue into the auditorium to hear alumni share their stories about how Sycamore High School influenced their musical career. The very first three Music Hall of Fame inductees will be introduced, as well as presentations by Drayton Eggleson, Hellen Weberpal, and Steve Abel, all former Sycamore High School music students that have continued with music careers. The evening will end with an unveiling of the High School’s Music Hall of Fame display case. According to the Music Boosters website, “This ongoing awards program will recognize and award a variety of SHS alumni and music advocates who have demonstrated superior participation and/or support of the Sycamore music programs.” Ken Olson, Sycamore Music Boosters President, comments, “The Music Boosters are very pleased and honored that the Sycamore History Museum has chosen to feature the Sycamore Music Department and the Music Hall of Fame for this year’s event.”
“We are very excited to work with the High School and the Music Boosters on this event. The High School has many talented alumni and teachers. This annual event provides a great opportunity to take a moment and appreciate the contributions people from Sycamore High School have made in a variety of fields. The first year of the event Pete Johnson was recognized, and last year authors/writers Mark Vancil and Dirk Johnson were the featured speakers. This year having such accomplished musicians return to the High School is an honor. We are especially thankful to work with the Music Boosters who will formally induct alumni into the Music Hall of Fame during their Note to Remember fund raiser on Saturday, February 9,” explained Michelle Donahoe, Executive Director of the Sycamore History Museum.
The Pride of Sycamore High will take place on Friday, February 8 at 7:00 p.m. Tickets are only $10 and $5 for students under 18. They can be purchased at the Sycamore History Museum, Sycamore Chamber of Commerce, and Sycamore High School. For more information please contact the Sycamore History Museum at 815-895-5762 or email

Photo: Sycamore High School orchestra recently won 1st place in the IHSA music competition and the Sycamore Music Department received 3rd place overall. The Pride of Sycamore High on February 8 will be celebrating the long-standing musical program at Sycamore High School.

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