Time to Play
Posted:  January 30, 2013
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Come on over and PLAY! Yes, you are welcome to play at the History Museum. If you have not been to the museum in the last few months you are missing out. The current exhibit looks at how we play, and you cannot think about play without having fun!

Highlights include the chairs where high schools students enjoyed many basketball games, the old projector from the Sycamore Theater, Marilyn Majorette uniforms, photos of Trampoline Town and many uniforms from Sycamore Youth Baseball and AYSO soccer. Yes, we have items from last summer’s teams. History is not just 100 years ago, but created every day. Our six, seven and eight year-olds made history last summer and we are celebrating their stories.

Don’t forget the hands-on room. Children are welcome to come and dress-up, play restaurant and even go bowling.

We may not be a big Chicago museum, but we do a good job of exploring play in Sycamore! If you want to see how history can be fun and educational at the same time, stop by!

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